What to Buy for Gardening: Beginners’ Shop-List

When you decide to transform your yard or just grow something indoor, you definitely need reliable tools. But how to find the perfect kit if you are a newbie? Here are 5 gardening essentials you can go without. 


It might be obvious, however, we believe that it’s important to mention. A good pair of gloves will protect your hands not only from dirt and mud but also from thorns, burs, and prickles. 

Picking up your first gloves, you should make sure that they fit your hands well. Poorly fitting gloves can cause blisters or result in accidents from slipping off. 

Pruning shears or lopper

In other words, it is garden scissors or secateurs. Loppers usually have longer hands and are perfect to trim hard-reach areas. Using secateurs helps to control plants and not let them grow widely and take over.     


This is one of the most useful tools for gardening. Spades are workhorses of every gardener. You can do literally anything with them: digging holes, edging, lifting sod, moving small molds of dirt, and a lot of other things. 

Spades are sold separately or in some tool kits like a Gardening Planting Shovel Set. It’s up to you what to choose. 


Rakes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. It’s hard to recommend something certain because what is well for one person can be completely inconvenient for another. You will be lucky if you find your perfect rake from the first attempt! 

Watering can

We all know that plants need sun and water to grow. That’s why you can’t create a garden without a good watering can. And again, there is a wide choice on the market. They vary by color, size, style, and material. When you find one that you fall in love with, just grab it. Maybe this Gardening Watering Can is meant for you?

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