Creating a Perfect Family Bathroom

When you are living alone, it is quite easy to think up the design of your bathroom. But once you’ve got a family, everything has changed. You need to take into account the preferences of each family member to make a bathroom comfortable for everybody. 

If you face such a problem and feel a little bit confused, don’t worry. Here are several tips you might use to design an ideal family bathroom that is both functional and stylish. 

Bath or shower? This is one of the first complicated questions you need to solve. Parents usually prefer a shower because it is quick and effective. But children adore taking a bubble bath. 

Well, if the square of the room allows – go for a shower bath! It will definitely serve all the possible needs of your family.  

Then, you’d better think about storage solutions. When there are three, four, or even more of you in the house, you have to store a lot of stuff in every room. But the most cluttered place is probably the bathroom. That’s why a good number of fancy drawers or baskets is what you definitely need. For example, look at this Jute Woven Storage Basket

And what about decorations? Should you refuse them? We think you shouldn’t! Your bathroom is the first room you visit every morning, it just must be beautiful! Plus, bathroom decor can be practical. You might get some wooden soap holders or good-looking soap dispensers along with tiny statues and figurines. 

Another way to make your bathroom more stylish is to add colors. You can just get several bright towels, and it will change the whole look of the room. 

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