5 Ideas to Make Your Home Look Luxury without Spending a Fortune

You might agree that redesigning your home can cost a lot. Why expand these spendings by hiring a professional designer if you can do everything on your own? 

If you are looking for ideas to make your home look elegant, comfortable, and sophisticated, this article is for you.

Freshen up your home with flowers and plants 

Without any doubt, a nice flower bouquet can change the whole atmosphere of the room. And you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on that. Flowers from a grocery store near your house are perfect for this goal. Don’t forget about a vase you arrange flowers in. 


One sure sign of luxuriousness is tidiness. Critically look at your rooms. Don’t you think that there is too much decor on the mantelpiece? Plus, think of getting some storage solutions to hide mess inside beautifully designed baskets. 

A quick tip: if you can’t throw something away, find another place for it. Maybe it will look good in your bedroom.   

Mix up textile

If all the furniture, decoration stuff, and even curtains are made of the same fabric, your room will definitely look flat and unfancy. The easiest way to transform the design is to get a pair of pillows of different colors and sizes, buy a fluffy blanket, or add more colors and shades. By the way, you might find them in the Bedroom section of our store.

Add more light

Another simple way to add dimension to the room is to get more lamps. There are a lot of affordable options on the market so that you can find something that meets your pocket. Start by browsing through Home Lighting

Try a rug

A statement rug will create a solid foundation and set the stage for the rest of the room. It can gather the whole room design, add warmth and texture, and bring color. We have a wide selection of rugs in our Living Room section. 

At The Fifth Wall store, we offer a wide range of decoration products at affordable prices. So if you need something to make your home more good-looking, you will find it here. 

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